Ruled by the love of God

Eileen O'Connor

“Make a resolution to love Our Lord, giving Him all yourself, to be used in saving or helping to save souls, by giving all the help in your power. Act through love; prove your love by ever keeping Our Lord before you.” 

Eileen O’Connor, co-founder of Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor.

Reflection (2 Corinthians 5:11–15): We know what it means to fear the Lord, and so we try to persuade others. God knows us completely, and I hope that in your hearts you know me as well. We are not trying again to recommend ourselves to you; rather, we are trying to give you a good reason to be proud of us, so that you will be able to answer those who boast about a man’s appearance and not about his character. Are we really insane? It is for God’s sake. Are we sane? Then it is for your sake. We are ruled by the love of Christ, now that we recognize that one man died for everyone, which means that they all share in his death. He died for all, so that those who should no longer live for themselves, but only for him who died and was raised to life for their sake.


Prayer: Promise Our Lady to leave your hearts open to receive souls that you may give them to Our Lord.


From Eileen O’Connor, Thoughts for Every Day.