Our Lady's Nurses
For the poor
1913 - 2013

Love in action.


As Sisters of Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor, we aim to give expression to God’s unconditional and liberating love in all that we do. Our guiding principle is to espouse the inspired and genuine Christian love demonstrated by our co-founder, Eileen O’Connor.

Our way of life, lived in community, is based on the daily celebration of the Eucharist, the Prayer of the Church, meditation and spiritual reading. Sisters undertake an annual retreat.

Sisters retain the freedom to socialise with family and friends, are involved in their local parishes and enjoy annual holidays. Wherever possible, we take meals together and share the stories of our day’s work.

Hospitality is central to our way of life. Visitors to Our Lady’s Home are always welcomed with warmth and generosity.

The silver medallion worn by the Sisters features Mary under the title of the Immaculate Conception with the motto: “To Jesus Through Mary”.